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There are scientific methods that can, with correct application, increase the chances for successfully locating borehole sites. The following factors are taken into consideration in ground water exploration. Firstly we look at the geological se

Drilling has over the years developed to a highly specialized and technical activity. Drilling with jumper rigs as in the olden days rarely takes place and most of the boreholes drilled are drilled with the air percussion technique. This technique is

Certainly one of the most important factors concerning one's borehole is now on hands. How much water can I pump over the long term without drastically affecting the yield and making sure that the borehole is not pumped dry? Here we use the Step

Solar pumps are an energy efficient, environmentally friendly way to pump water for a variety domestic and commercial purposes, including agricultural and residential irrigation and cattle and live stock watering. Contact us for a no obligation fr

Borehole installations on 3" and 4" and 6" pumps and motors Contact us for a no obligation free quotation or for more information    

Our water tank stands are designed according to SANS 10162-1:2005 using wind loads to SABS 0160. An engineer certificate is available on the structure of all the stands. The swater tank stands are available for 2 500, 5 000 and 10 000 litre tanks

A borehole, or River Water, is a complicated thing since each one is unique. We recommend giving us a call and chatting about your situation. Nine out of ten times we find that if you talk to us we create a custom solution for your needs and thus sav

There is still some confusion as to who needs to and who does not need to "register' their water use and who needs a "license' to use their water! On following up on this dilemma facing end-users, we have been told by the Departm

From time to time all boreholes will require some form of maintenance. Although they usually run for many years with little or no maintenance, they will eventually need servicing. We assess each borehole individually and offer free advice to get your

Effective protection of electronic AC motors and their driven systems can be achieved by limiting the maximum as well as the minimum consumed motor power. We can install the finest pump protection available. Should a trip occur our computer can be pl

We are accredited by most major insurance companies and banks to investigate insurance claims on the behalf of the insurance company. Our insurance claim investigation team investigates only what is related to that borehole on what you have the insur

What does my borehole look like on the inside? Where does my casing stop? What does a water vein look like? Discover a whole new world underneath the ground with our borehole camera. Borehole camera? Yes, you did read it right, a borehole camera.

WHAT IS AN ELECTRIC FENCE AND HOW DOES IT WORK? An electric fence was primarily developed for the restriction of animal movement. Since this time the security industry used the initial technology and improved on it to give a system utilizing wires
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