We are accredited by most major insurance companies and banks to investigate insurance claims on the behalf of the insurance company. Our insurance claim investigation team investigates only what is related to that borehole on what you have the insurance claim on.

You (the policy holder) gives us permission to contact your insurance company and get the relevant information like a claim number and what you have to pay in excess and documentation for the claim. You don't have to do anything further!

Our qualified team writes a report on what was found on the site. Pictures are taken to help the assessor make an informed dicision. Quotations are worked out for the replacement of such a damaged unit and all the relevant documentation, reports and photo's are send in. The damaged unit stays with us should the assessor decide to have a look at it.

All correspondence will be CC'd to your e-mail address so that you are up to date on what is happening with your claim.

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