There is still some confusion as to who needs to and who does not need to "register' their water use and who needs a "license' to use their water!

On following up on this dilemma facing end-users, we have been told by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry that: All the information a User needs to know about registration and licensing is available on the DWAF website. This site was made available from 2003 and contains all the contact details for the persons responsible for receiving applications and guiding Users.

We at PISCES PUMPS have taken the sting out of reading and trying to understand the hundreds of pages and filling in the countless (usually unnecessary) forms to get registered or licensed. Need help? Contact us!

According to the website:

Who must register their water use? All water users, who do not receive their water from a service provider, local authority, water board, irrigation board, government water scheme or other bulk supplier and who are using water for:

  • Irrigation
  • Mining purposes
  • Industrial use
  • Feedlots, or
  • In terms of a General Authorization

Other users which must be registered include:

  • Diversion of rivers and streams
  • Discharges of waste or water containing waste
  • Storage. Any person or body storing water for any purpose (including irrigation, domestic supply, industrial use, mining, aqua culture, fishing, water sport, aesthetic value, gardening, landscaping, golfing, etc) from surface runoff, groundwater or fountain flow in excess of 10 000 cubic meters of where the water area at full supply level, exceeds 1 hectare in total on land owned or occupied by that person or body and not in possession of a permit or permission
  • Stream flow reduction activities (forestation) - tree planting for commercial purposes.
  • Local authorities and other bilk suppliers with their own water sources and purification works.
  • Controlled Activities, such as irrigating with waste, power generation with water, atmospheric modification or recharging an aquifer.

Who does NOT need to register?

If you receive water from a local authority, a water board, an irrigation board or another bulk water supplier, you do not need to register that use.

The National Water Act allows a person to take water for reasonable domestic use directly from any water resource to which he or she has lawful access. No license or registration is required for this. It also allows a person to take water for small gardening (not commercial purposes) and the watering of animals (excluding feedlots) on land owned or occupied by that person, from any water resource which is situated on or forms a boundary of that land, if the use is not excessive in relation to the capacity of the water resource and the needs of other users. This means that most users using groundwater in towns and cities and those users with "windmills" (wind pumps) on their own properties, need not register!

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